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Car Handbag Holder

“Must have" car accessory that keeps your purse and miscellaneous items…Security – Accessible – Convenient – Organized. A Patented solution to keep your handbag out of everyone's way while driving, yet safely within reach.

  • Your purse now has its own seat! This Car Handbag Holder keeps your purse and loose items (umbrellas, charger cords, tissues, small toys, gloves, etc.) upright, clean, accessible, and out of passengers’ way. 
  • It accommodates both large & small purses by simply adjusting the straps to form a small ‘cup/hammock’ behind the console to easily toss your purse into and remove from the Car Cache. Narrow space between the seats? Toss your large purse into the Car Cache vertically. Most of the Purse and its Weight should reside in this Car Handbag Holder.
  • This Car Handbag Holder installs in 3 Easy Steps (No Tools Necessary): 1) Wrap strings around Console Lid and TIE a KNOT. (Slider in the way of closing lid? Remove the slider and tie a knot.) 2) Take straps across FRONT of SEATS and attach to headrest posts CLOSEST to the DOORS. 3) Lengthen straps to form a cup/hammock behind the console for easy tossing of purse into Car Cache. 
  • This Car Handbag Holder is MACHINE WASHABLE in Gentle Cycle (remove clips first) and lay flat to dry. It is easily portable to take on vacations, business trips, or in rental cars - Only six ounces!