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DIY Messages USB LED Light Fan

  • The message fan is equipped with a powerful micro motor which performs low noise, long service time, long-playing rotating without jitter and good stability.
  • The fan blade is provided with LED soft board, so the fan can show LED advertising texts and patterns during rotating, and the advertising texts, patterns, letters, figures and so on can also be made according to the requirements of customers. It supports 6 paragraphs texts with different contents, each paragraph can reach up to 16 characters.
  • The fan body uses the metal hose, so it can be arbitrary bent in order to blow in any direction.
  • Creative and cool: you can arbitrarily edit different words for special one
  • Great for advertising: display your own logo or slogan, a novel promotional gadget for shops
  • Designed with a flexible metal hose and stable led light: the font does not jitter or flicker after long time rotating
  • Excellent gift for Birthday or Valentine's Day
  • Soft and safe blades of fan: low noise, strong wind 
  • Various display patterns are available
  • Support 9 Languages on the programme page: 1=English 2=Chinese 3=Chinese Traditional 4=Korean 5=Japanese 6=French 7=German 8=Italian 9=Spanish


  • Power supply: USB or DC5V 
  • Working current: 250mah
  • USB interface: 1.1 and 2.0
  • Plug and play: yes
  • Metal hose: bendable
  • Programmable content: characters, numbers, symbols or single shapes
  • Color: white