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Fantastic Dreamcatcher Diamond Painting Kits(Size: 30*35cm )

Diamond painting is a fun and relaxing activity for adults who love crafting! It's basically painting by numbers, but with tiny diamond-like resin rhinestones instead of paint. Applying the diamonds is a three-step process that's super easy and meditative. Lose yourself in your artwork for hours and end up with a sparkling design you can be proud to hang on your wall!

Why you should order:
  • STRESS RELIEF - Channel your attention and achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation
  • CREATIVE CRAFTING - Fun and enjoyable for anyone who loves crafting 
  • GROUP ACTIVITY - Spend a special night in with the girls (vino optional!) 
  • DIY HOME DECOR - Create your own wall art; no artistic ability required
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Whether it's for a birthday or Christmas, give them a gift they'll love
What's in the package? 
  • 1 * Canvas
    1 * Clay
    1 * Paste tool for diamond
    1 * Tray
**Frame not included**