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These handmade rings are the perfect gifts for your families, your friends and yourself!

  • Six different ring sizes to accommodate varying finger size. 
  • Made from resin, easy on the skin, no scratch, itch or cut when worn or removed.
  • Each handmade ring is unique: each is made with its own patterns and color arrangements. Your ring is the one and only, just like you.
  • The perfect surprise gift for your loved ones. Make them happy during the most mundane of days.

Another member of the ocean series, this ring is a must-have for lovers of the ocean, as well as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, the three pillars of the water sign family. 

A ring, as a gift, delivers the timeless message of commitment, love, and connection. The loved ones in your life, they need to be reminded from time to time how much you appreciate their presence. What's a more elegant and poignant gift that can fulfill such purpose? The ring on their finger will remind them that you are there, and you love them. Hey, they may even buy you one in return!

Surface Width: 15mm,6mm
Material: Resin
Ring sizes: 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm

Ring Size Diameter (mm)  Circumference (mm)
6 16 52
7 17 54
8 18 57
9 19 59
10 20 62
11 21 65



It is a handmade product, every ring will be different and unique. The ring showed in the picture is a reference only. The color of the ring may be slightly different due to the screen display. 

Due to high demand and handmade product, please expect 2-4 weeks delivery.