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Shortness of breath can come at any time and anywhere. Whatever it is you are doing, keep going. COPD, asthma and other respiratory problems don’t have to slow you down when you have simple, portable technology to help you stay aware of your breathing and get quick, precise relief whenever you need it! It Delivers Mind Bowing Result.

  • Use it anywhere
  • Instant clear cool mist
  • Relieves respiratory issues
  • Perfect for COPD, asthma, allergies


An Ultrasonic Nebulizer does not use compressed air like a traditional nebulizer machine. Instead, an ultrasonic nebulizer uses high-frequency vibrations to aerosolize the medication into a very fine mist.

Since ultrasonic nebulizers don’t compress air, they operate very quietly, tend to be much smaller in size and can fit in nearly any container. 

This Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer features very fast treatment times, so you spend less time inhaling medication and more time doing the things you love.

How to Operate the Ultrasonic Nebulizer.

1. Plug the adapter into a power outlet: green light turns on; the nebulizer is in standby mode.

2. Press the Mode button: green light changes to yellow light; the nebulizer will be operating in high mode (which means a high level of mist output).

3. Press the Mode button for a second time: yellow light changes to blinking yellow/green light; the nebulizer will be operating in low mode (which means a low level of mist output).

4. Press the Mode button for the third time: blinking yellow/green light changes to green light; the nebulizer stops producing mist and enters standby mode.

How to Use.

  1. Take off the cover.
  2. Pour water into cylinder water container. Fill it slightly above the white rubber ring level (so up to the transparent part). Please note, the recommended water temperature is 86 F (30 C).
  3. If your medication is premixed, place it in the medicine cup. Otherwise, mix the correct dose of medication and other solutions prescribed by your physician, and then place it in the medicine cup. Please note, the medicine cup should be filled up to its midline. The midline level indicates 10 milliliters.
  4. Put the medicine cup into the water container.
  5. Put the soft gasket on top of the medicine cup.
  6. Put the cover on the host.

How to Properly Take a Nebulized Breathing Treatment.

Breathe in slowly and deeply over 3 or 5 seconds, holding your breath for 10 seconds at the end of inhalation. This allows the medication to deposit deep into the airway. The treatment should last between 5 and 10 minutes. If you put more than one medicine inside the cup, the treatment may last up to 20 minutes. The treatment is over when the white mist stops coming out of the nebulizer, or when the solution starts to sputter. 

Package includes:

1x Host, 2x Masks (Adults and Children), 2x Mouthpieces, 1x Extendable Tube, 5x Medicine Cups, 1x Soft Gasket, 1x Power Adapter.

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